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Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that contain anonymous information and which are sent from the site and stored on your hard drive. This information may include the type of server you are using, the type of computer, your operating system, and other such information.

Cookies have a limited duration, so at regular intervals we will ask for your permission to use them again. Also, cookies do not cause damage to either your computer or mobile device or the files stored on it and do not receive any document or file from your computer. Cookies are not about your identity, but about your computer - so they may be used to identify your computer.

2. How do we use cookies?
The cookies we collect contain information that is necessary to improve our website and its content, so that you have the best navigation experience.

We also want you to be able to share site content and applications with your friends through your favorite social networking sites as easily as possible. Thanks to social networking cookies, which are placed by the providers of social networking websites, you can share this content easily and without any problems.

We also use Google Analytics Cookies, which give the search engine anonymous information about your navigation on our website. This information allows us to better understand our visitors and improve our website. Again, the information is anonymous and concerns the number of visitors to the website, the duration of their visit, how many pages were visited, etc.

More information about cookies:

3. How can I control cookies?
If you want to completely remove or disable cookies, you can easily do so through your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla etc). The exact procedure is defined by the respective program, so refer to its settings for more details. You can also find information here: